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   HindSight the new trio combination of Stefan, Rupert & Lauretta Hinds is not as surprising as it is pleasing. Stefan architect and musical director of Bermuda’s most successful band to date, Exotique, Rupert his twin brother, bassist and vocalist and Lauretta, Stefan’s wife, a dynamic entertainer born for the stage. Their history together is intriguing and unique to say the least. They started performing together when the twins were eleven, yes, eleven years old, and Lauretta was eight! We are not talking school dances and high tea type engagements. As members of the N.T. ‘s, a bonafide working show band the twins and Lauretta were working the hotels and nightclub In their late teens they went their separate ways, Lauretta performing with various local acts including a seven year stint with the Tom Ray Orchestra, while Stefan & Rupert pursued musical interests overseas.

   Upon their return to Bermuda with plans to form a new band, they knew that Lauretta was the lead singer for their new endeavor and when she was asked she immediately said yes. They have been working together as Exotique ever since and have traveled the world. They have performed with Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Gladys Knight, Gerald Albright, Patti Austin, The Four Tops, The Temptations, Ben E. King, Dianne Schuur, Ashford & Simpson, The Manhattans, Najee and Billy Paul to name a few. Their overseas dates have taken them to exotic places such as Dubai, Oman, Israel, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong, Kong, London, Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain, Monte Carlo, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Barbados, St. Thomas, Acapulco, and all through the United States including Alaska and Hawaii.

   Finally they have decided to perform as a trio, a practical and natural progression for this family affair who are as gracious and classy as they are talented. HindSight are seasoned and in their prime, we are so excited…..and, It’s About Time!

Interview with “The Gulf Today, 2009”

HindSight have had the privilege of performing all over the world. Their itinerary of events & engagements too numerous to mention have found them in some of the most exotic locales on earth.

Q: What inspires you the most about traveling the world and playing to different audiences?

A: “What we have found in our travels that continues to surprise us, is how well versed our audiences are no matter where we are.” says Lauretta. “In the Far East, like Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and China, they know all of the material that we play, words and all, in English! I think that is just amazing and is a testament to the universality, if there is such a word, of not only our repertoire but of music as a whole. We have found though, that European and Middle Eastern audiences are more open to the original and the more eclectic material that we perform, and, seem to accept & appreciate our desire to stretch creatively. Now that is inspiring!”

Q:What was your most favorite place and experience in your travels?

A:“Dubai! Without a doubt!” says Rupert. “And not just because we were so successful there. We won the battle of the bands that they hold every two years there and it was a very prestigious honor, however, the cultural and musical experience is hard to beat.” We were so warmly received and treated so graciously. It was safe and cosmopolitan and very user friendly. During our two month engagement that ended up being six months, there were at any given time, 60 or so bands from at least 10 different countries performing. Soaking up that kind of atmosphere on a daily basis was incredible. So many musical styles and simply a profusion of talent. We received an enormous education there.”

Q: What made it such an enormous education?

A: “The European & Middle Eastern Audiences are simply more sophisticated in their knowledge and taste in music, I believe” says Stefan. In the U.S. there are these big public relation and media machines that really program the American psyche as to what we listen to, and, as a result we are missing out on so many alternatives, so much great music even here at home in the U.S. but, there are so many ideas and so much creative license out there and they take advantage of it. The ethnic footprint, heartbeat and imagination is evident in the rhythms and melodies. No formulas or processes, the rules are allowed to be broken every day for the sake of creative license.

We have a tendency to follow trends and pay attention to A&R people who run the record companies instead of creating from the heart. That is why so much of the American music is disposable, just the flavor of the month, oh, it makes money but here today and gone tomorrow. They say the average rapper’s life span is four to five years. What kind of nonsense is that? Now I did say the average rapper. Obviously there are some that have stepped up to the plate and are capable of blowing that theory out of the water. But, a true artist’s relevance cannot be measured in years. Who can listen to Stevie Wonder’s music of 30 years ago and today and say that it is not still all relevant?” I think that the answer to your question is that the enormity of the lesson that has come out of this global education is to be true to yourself.”

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